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Commercial and Industrial Fire Alarm Systems

Protect your property and your investment with commercial and industrial fire alarm systems designed for Canadian regulation and code compliance. Our Ottawa fire detection services include: commercial fire alarm installation, fire alarm inspection, fire alarm verification and fire alarm maintenance.

Commercial Fire Sprinkler Systems

Good fire protection starts with fire sprinkler systems designed and installed with your building in mind. Trust our Ottawa commercial fire suppression specialists with the installation and maintenance of an automatic fire sprinkler system designed to both save lives and safeguard property.

Industrial Fire Extinguishers

We carry and service a full range of fire protection equipment for your commercial needs, including: industrial fire extinguishers, fire hoses, fire extinguisher cabinets and more. We also offer fire extinguisher recharge services for the Ottawa and Kingston. Star Life is operating a Transport Canada Certified Hydro Test Facility in the Ottawa offices.

Commercial Kitchen Fire Suppression Systems

Let us assess your needs and recommend the right commercial kitchen fire suppression system for you based on the nature of your business and its potential fire risk. Our Ottawa fire protection and fire detection specialists design, install, maintain and repair a multitude of gas or chemical fire suppression systems for industrial or commercial application.

Fire Alarm and Sprinkler Monitoring

Your property or building likely has a requirement be monitored by Ontario Fire Code or the Ontario Building Code. This means having your Fire Alarm or Sprinkler System connected to a ULC-listed monitoring station to alert the fire department instantly should there ever be a fire or event.

Security and Protection

Access control systems are commonly used to control entry into exterior doors of buildings. Access control systems may also be used to control access into certain areas located within the interior of buildings.

Securing the perimeter of your property has never been easier with the latest technology and devices.



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Star Life Fire & Safety offers industry leading fire detection, fire protection and fire suppression services for the industrial and commercial sectors in Ottawa-Gatineau, Kingston and North Bay. We are passionate about the safety of others and are proud to provide quality affordable services for our clients.